First off I would like to introduce myself. My name is Josh Erwin Iím 18 a senior in High School. Iíve been going to Thunder Road sense I was 3 years old. I got hook on racing because of my uncle that raced. His name was Rupert "The Flipper" Erwin. My hobbies are working on the race car and NAMCAR. NAMCAR is a little thing that my friend made up back in 1995, you build a plastic model but you don't put in all the guts like motor and suspension parts. Instead of having the regular parts for the wheels you make your own axles out of brass tubing and a steel rod. There's a 10 foot track with a big corner. If your wondering how to make them turn all you have to do is put a screw or a plastic rod on the left side of the bumper that is your tommy bar. It makes your car turn in the corner so you don't just go straight into the wall. My goal someday is to be driving my own race car.

I work on the number 72 Flying Tiger. The driver of the car is Chris Gendreau and we race Pontiac Grand Am. Last year was my rookie season working on a race car and the rest of the team rookie season. Mr. Gendreau worked on #92 LMS Chad Wheeler car and Chadís brother Bret Wheeler for a number of years. Mr. Gendreau was thinking about building a LMS(Late Model Sportsman) but he was like to much money for that. So he bought a Chassis from Kevin Rice. On our crew is Marc Dimario, Micki Drury, Wedsel "Buddy" Towndrow, Chris "Critter or Kripsy" Couture, Eric "Eddy" Austin you might of saw him last year in Run What Ya Brung. He was the one who got wrecked by the Limo. There is a lot more of people that help with out so if I forgot your name sorry.

In the off season we pretty much just rip apart the car. We unload the car then a couple weeks after the season is over we start taking it all apart by taking the motor out, taking off all the suspension parts and the body. It didnít take us very long to get all that done. It probably took us about maybe 4 to 7 hours. If the rules change during the offseason your gonna have to get the new parts. Like for 2002 Tigers are allowed to run an aftermarket upper A-Frame. But as some drivers my choose like Mike "Beetle" Bailey does you can stay with the old one. Also during the offseason you try to stock up on spare parts for your race car. You also need to go out and get a new body panels especially the roof if you ended up on your roof during the race season. You should try to get a new paint scheme ready for your car. Its also good to make sure to get you licenses as soon as you can and make sure to get you number because if you donít your number you want youíll be stuck with one you donít want. After you get all the new parts and the new rules you can start putting the race back together. You need to make sure you have your Read End aligned right and make sure its not bent. 

When you have all the new suspension parts back on you can start putting the new body on the chassis but if your going to paint the chassis make sure you do that before you put the body on. After your new body is on the car you can decide on what you want for a paint scheme. When you have that all done your car is ready to go to some car shows or just sit there in the shop and go over every bit and piece of the car to make sure no leaks in the car. Working on a race car is one of the best times you will every have because you learn a very lot about everything math, geometry and you learn how to work on motor. 

I hope you enjoyed this insight on what a team does during the offseason. Please visit people and help name the Y3J car of Justin St.Louis.