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Date: 02-04-02


American Spectator Driving Challenge on Track with Big Fan Racing's NASCAR Busch Series Team 

The Big Fan Racing / American Spectator Driving Challenge will provide race fans with a chance to drive a NASCAR style race car and at the same time become a Big Fan Racing F.A.S.T. Pole Position member. Big Fan Racing F.A.S.T. program stands for Fan Associate Sponsor Team. BFR is the first NASCAR Busch Grand National fan sponsored race team competing at the National level. BFR Marketing & PR spokesperson Mark Westrick explains, “Involvement levels range from a Free grandstand membership and ends with a $50.00 Pole Position commitment. For Details visit the website Current team members that want to drive a race car will receive full discount from Hanaford Associates. In addition Hanaford Associates will offer FREE memberships to American Spectator Driving Challenge students. Drivers considered to chauffer Big Fan Racing 2002 entry include Mike Laughlin Jr, Jimmy Spencer's son, and Days of Thunder driver Greg Sacks.” 
Hanaford Associates and Big Fan Racing are negotiating a regional tour that may bring American Spectator Driving Challenge to New Hampshire International Speedway, Nazareth Pennsylvania, Richmond Virginia, Chicago Illinois, and Canaan NH. Hanaford explains, “I got an e-mail about Big Fan Racing and thought it would be kind of neat if fans could get a chance to be owner/drivers. We had success last year and decided national exposure with a Busch South team would be beneficial to both of us, and the sponsor. We position product on and off the track for any company, in any industry, with any advertising budget…most importantly this point of purchase incentive can increase floor traffic, brand awareness and position product in the hands of thrill seeking, brand-loyal race fans. For a current schedule of events visit 
The Big Fan Racing American Spectator Driving Challenge offer programs from a 5 lap ride along to an all day Corporate Party & Busch Race Sponsorship Program. A video magazine will bring marketing partners to the next level in consumer visibility with 30 second video ads that function much like TV commercials. Web site visitors may experience an in car perspective with product information and commercial mini movie topics displayed on the race car instrement panel. Click on a topic and receive product information, on line purchase information retail store locations, product giveaways and endorsements to justify consumer brand-loyalty. Final details will be released soon. We can design a program that's right for you!
Don't limit yourself to watching the Big Boys every Saturday & Sunday. Put yourself in the Drivers Seat with the Big Fan Racing American Spectator Driving Challenge!